Who we are…

LaseOptics stands for Laser applications in science and engineering with Fiber Optics. The Company is currently focus in Industry-R & D-User interaction between quality control, quality assurance, manufacturing, distribution, marketing and sales. LaseOptics is committed to becoming the world’s premier supplier of fiber optic products like lensed fibers, shaped fibers, tapered fibers and laser diode packages of the highest caliber and competitive prices. We have always put the customer first in our business and strive to help our customers develop successful applications. We firmly believe that our success depends on our customer’s success. Dedicated technical team and a state-of-the-art facilities are always working for you to provide complete pre-sales and post-sales support. The Company’s focus is on high-efficiency, high quality product to produce to end users and OEM. LaseOptics changing the technology, one fiber at a time.
Universities, private, corporate, or government joint projects are easier with LaseOptics Corp. Our scientists will assist with diagnosis, planning, and implementation of your engineering work. Products in our catalog can be custom made and fabricated according to your specification. Insure your company’s future by identifying the right manufacturer and designers. Our products are produced for different applications for research, telecommunication, biomedical, identification, detection, access control system of easy use and accuracy.
We are specialized in lensed, tapered fibers and shaped fibers manufacturing for the telecom, biomedical, research, educational and defense applications, including laser coupling, collimating, waveguide, laser diode used devices for the commercial world. Our in-depth knowledge and experience with lensed, shaped and tapered fibers, cable assemblies, patchcords and custom lensed fibers combined with excellent service enable us to provide the best possible support for those companies developing applications in these areas. The final steps in the production process are the actual assembly and packaging of the fully processed lensed fibers into end user ready format and /or OEM. Our technical support is 24/7 for all of products
LaseOptics also have several high tech products such as high power laser diode fiber packages with military spec’s units, 980nm pump modules, 808nm modules, Fiber Optics Security Systems (FOSS), Building Design for Homeland Security, Fiber Fences, laser counterfeit currency detectors, automatic currency banding machines.
LaseOptics is privately owned corporation and incorporated in the state of New York. We are located in between Buffalo and Niagara Falls, Amherst, New York.
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